R&D / Engineering Projects Recruiting

Lincoln Associates has proven expertise in recruiting professionals from the R&D, Research and Engineering sectors for innovative SMEs, mid-sized temporary employment agencies and large industrial clients. Our recruiting solutions are designed to respond to the performance requirements of research centers and design offices.

Lincoln Associates guides and recruits experienced professionals in the following sectors: Automobile, Aeronautics, Rail, Electronics, Mechanical, Food Processing Industry, Energy, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Water, Waste, Environment and Green Technologies. For the following positions:

  • Management: R&D Director, Technical Director, Project Director, Program Director
  • R&D and Design Offices: Design Office Manager, Research Coordinator, Design Manager, R&D Engineer, Technical Expert, Process Engineer
  • Project Engineering: Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Engineer, Planning Engineer, Bid/Tender Manager, Contract Engineer, Business Optimization Manager We can also assist our clients in putting together whole teams when a new department or subsidiary is created.