Banking and Insurance

Banking Recruiting

Lincoln Associates assists and recruits experienced professionals in the following sectors :

Corporate Banks; Private Banks; Financing and Investment Banks; Specialized Financial Institutions; Private Equity; Asset Management; Real Estate, etc. For the following positions :

  • Support Functions : Inspector; Internal Auditor; Compliance Officer; Bank Regulatory Accounting Positions; Standards and Procedures Researcher; Consolidator; Management Comptroller; Asset & Liability Manager; Treasurer/Marketing; Human Resources; Credit Analysis; Project Management
  • Transaction Processing Positions : Unit Manager or Expert processing banking transactions; IT and Organizational Project Manager
  • Front Office, Middle Office and Financing and Investment Banking Experts : Corporate Finance: M&A; Senior Structured Finance Professional; Securitization; Senior Banker Capital Markets: Sales; Trader; Broker; Originator, Analysis/Research, Engineer/Structurer, Quant Asset Management : Manager; Buy-Side Analyst; Financial Engineer; Management Assistant Private Equity: Investment Portfolio Director/Senior Manager

We can also assist our clients in putting together whole teams when a new department or subsidiary is created.