Safety & Security


Lincoln Associates specializes in corporate safety and security.

Over the years, Lincoln Associates has built a vast network of safety and security professionals. The vast majority of our candidates have proven experience working in security issues with the Armed Forces, the DGSE (Central Directorate for External Security), the DCRI (Central Directorate for Interior Intelligence), the Judicial Police or the DPSD (Directorate for Defense Protection and Security). Candidates with public safety training come from the BSPP (Paris Fire Brigade) and other units.

We cover and can adapt to specific requirements for any sector.

We guide and recruit experienced executives for the following positions :

  • Safety : Operations Director; Manager for the Safety of Goods, People and Information; Economic Intelligence Manager
  • Security : Manager/Director for the Security of Goods and People (regulatory studies, occupational security, fire safety, technical assistance and training).

We can also assist our clients in putting together whole teams when a new department is created.