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Lincoln HR Group Asia

Bringing Talent Together

Lincoln HR Group Asia is a French born HR advisory firm dedicated to Talents acquisition and empowerment covering two main activities:

Executive Search – Leadership Advisory

With more than five years presence in Asia, Lincoln HR Group Asia belongs to the European firm Lincoln HR Group founded in Paris in 1992.

Our philosophy is to provide a tailor-made approach for each assignment and to associate individual advice with global business insight.

We help our clients, major international corporate and niche market leaders, to attract, assess and develop the most talented individuals in South Eastern Asia countries and Greater China.

Dedicated to strengthen a long term partnership with all members of our Talent Community, we are very pleased   to provide them with the best leadership advisory from executive search, assessment center, management training and coaching.

With all our team being focused on following a permanent innovation path, we design assessment tools, leadership development techniques, coaching approaches helping leaders to drive successfully corporate transformation and build a better world.

Strongly committed to promote diversity, we are engaged to provide each individual with the best work opportunities and an equal access to employment. We are doing our best to set up transparent, fair and opened interpersonal relations with all.

As a leadership and employability propeller, our aim for the future is to provide to all members of Lincoln’s Talent Community with the best Executive Search and Leadership Development advisory.


Shanghai – Singapore –Paris – Brussels – Warsaw – Tunis